Monday, September 27, 2010

The Seed Olympics

This past August, I had a solo show at Falsefront Studio here in Portland, Oregon. The concept for the show was based on seeds competing as if they were in the Olympics.

Artist Statement:
"The Seed Olympics is a camp exploration of my interest in athletes and horticulture. I don’t care for sports. Strangely enough, I am enthralled by the Olympics; the build-up of the games, the extreme power of the bodies of the athletes who train relentlessly and the voyeuristic thrill of feeling as you are a part of it, even if just watching it on television. Inspiration for this show came to me while watching the Winter Olympics. At the time, I was thinking about doing a test run of all of my seeds under a grow lamp. One night, I had a bizarre dream that my plants were competing as if they were in the Olympics. I decided to turn this into a reality and create a short video with supplemental paintings and installation. Thus, The Seed Olympics embodies my interest in growing, craft, video and humor."

The video can be seen here: The Seed Olympics!

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