Saturday, September 13, 2008

Second Year MFA Show

For the month of September, the second year MFA students have installed work that represents what we have been working on this past year. I decided to hang the first of four seed order paintings and create an installation of my "Local Victory" projects. This summer, I spent a lot of time in my yard. Being able to watch the growth of your food can be really satisfying. I wanted to include these plants in the show because they are also part of my work this summer.
Since I plan on having lots of plants in my thesis show, this was great to see how the plants do in this space. I put a sign on the tomato plants saying that people can eat them and it is rare that a red one sticks around. I think that people like the opportunity to interact with work in a gallery space because so often they are not allowed to.
Currently, I am working on connecting with some other organizations to see if some of these posters can be useful. On my "Local Victory" blog, there are many links to websites that are pushing the idea of contemporary Victory Gardening. This project has really been thought provoking for me and I hope an influence with others as well.